Why Plant Native Mast-Producing Trees?

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Native mast-producing trees and shrubs are usually the best choices for wildlife and the environment, because they are well-adapted to local conditions and the local wildlife is well-adapted to them. Although there are exceptions, many native …

Mast Producing Trees and Shrubs Native To North America

Native mast-producing trees and shrubs are among the most valuable and multipurpose plants for North American landscapes, producing food, shelter, and many other valuable products and services for humans and wildlife alike.

Selecting which species of mast-producing tree or shrub …

Why Plant Mast-Producing Trees?

Mast-producing trees provide many benefits for wildlife, for humans, and for the environment.

Mast is one of the most important food sources for hundreds of species of mammals and birds, including game animals such as deer and wild turkey. …

What is Mast?

Mast is the botanical name for the nuts, seeds, buds, or fruits of trees and shrubs that are eaten by wildlife.

There are two main types of mast:

Hard mast includes hard nuts and seeds such as acorns, hickory