About Us

Our mission is to restore the bounty of North America’s native woodlands by raising awareness of the many benefits mast-producing trees provide to wildlife, humanity, and the environment, and serving as an information resource for people interested in planting or managing mast-producing trees and forests.

Although we believe that planting and preserving trees has inherent value and is our responsibility as good stewards of the land, we also recognize that trees are more likely to be planted and preserved when they are associated with concrete and practical benefits.

We therefore emphasize the use of mast-producing trees as practical solutions to real problems, including:

  • diversifying income sources for farmers, gardeners, and landowners
  • increasing local food security and providing healthy, delicious, and inexpensive food for families
  • maintaining biodiversity and wildlife habitat in urban, suburban, and rural areas
  • finding clean, locally produced, and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels
  • maintaining healthy ecosystem services such as stormwater mitigation
  • beautifying cities, suburbs, and countryside
  • and more

Our Network

In order to further our education and outreach goals, we maintain a number of additional services, including a bookstore and online library.

You can also connect to us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

2 Responses

  1. Michael Jones
    Michael Jones at ·


    I was very pleased to find your website. I am currently attempting to create a “Squirreltopia” on the Izaak Walton cabin grounds here in Columbus, Nebraska.

    I was fortunate enough to gather American Chestnut seed nuts from some blight free trees at Arbor Lodge State Park. I have added Black Walnut trees, Serviceberry trees, a couple of Buckeyes, an Osage Orange Hedgerow, and various oak trees.

    I look forward to reading each and every article you have on your website.

    Michael Jones

  2. Alan Milligan
    Alan Milligan at ·

    Dear Folks at Mast,
    I am a Sculptor form Ireland who has been invited to a residency in Hudson in Up State New York in Sept of this year. For this project i was hoping to create a sculpture inspired by the Donegal Curragh. Which is a hazel frame boat. Now to this end i was wondering if you good people might know where i could get my hands on some hazel from in and around this area?

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